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 CoverMyMeds employes who are women posing together for as photo.
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We’re a Great Workplace for Women

By Drew Schaar2020-09-18

Diversity is a critical component to an organization’s success. According to Glassdoor, 67 percent of job seekers look for a diverse environment when considering where they want to work. The most talented individuals often choose companies that prioritize diversity and, as a result, both the individual and the business thrive.

We’ve worked hard to create an environment in which employees can be themselves, embrace challenges and achieve amazing results — regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, disability or religion. We believe in doing the right thing and are committed to workplace diversity, equity and inclusion. We know we’re strongest when all employees feel they belong and are encouraged and empowered to share ideas and do their best work.

That’s why we’re proud to be recognized Great Place to Work® as a great workplace for women for the second year in a row.

The companies honored are determined by the people who know them best — employees. Responses to more than 60 survey questions from more than 4.7 million people were analyzed, with 85 percent of the ranking based on what women themselves report about their workplace, and how fairly those experiences compare to men’s reports of the same workplaces. The remaining rank is based on how well represented women are in the workforce and throughout management.

CoverMyMeds is full of brilliant, driven individuals who work hard to help patients get the medication they need. We know that to attract the best and brightest people to join our team, we need to maintain a healthy, positive work environment, and that starts with equal opportunities for everyone. We caught up with Veronica Knuth, VP of talent management, to learn more about diversity at CoverMyMeds.

CoverMyMeds (CMM): How does diversity contribute to this being our employees’ best place to work and grow?

Veronica Knuth (VK): We see diversity and inclusion as hiring the best, most-talented employees and then giving them the resources they need to be successful in their personal and professional passions. Having a diverse organization provides more comprehensive perspectives, ideas and inputs that are crucial to the success of any business. Fostering an environment where those are not only appreciated but expected is key. We also believe that diversity is more than gender or race — it’s about things like caregiver status, work style preferences and neurodiversity. We support and encourage diversity by giving a voice to any and all cultures — sub, micro or otherwise. Our employee resources groups (ERGs) — including our Women in Healthcare IT ERG — are an example of how we support and empower those cultures by offering our people education, networking and mentorship opportunities.

CMM: What’s CoverMyMeds doing to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)?

VK: We start with understanding the workforce demographics to help create a candidate base representative of our communities. We look at all aspects of the employee journey to make sure that we are doing everything we can to enable employee success. Recently, we formalized our DEI Action Team to look at all of our talent practices to enable, encourage and further diversity, equity and inclusion. We also added a DEI Lead to our Talent Management team and kicked off our DEI Advisory Council to serve as a critical source of input to our company President and myself. Marking continuous improvement on all fronts is part of our strategic planning priorities.

CMM: Tell me about your role in the Columbus Women’s Commission and how that helps our community and CoverMyMeds?

VK: The Columbus Women’s Commission is an advisory body to Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, working to advance the economic well-being of women in our community. Our goal is to dismantle barriers and reduce gender-based inequities to improve the economic position of women in our community. We bring together policy experts, stakeholders, residents and neighbors, business and non-profit communities to analyze issues impacting women and make policy recommendations to improve affordable housing, healthcare access, workplace equity and workforce development. Inspired by our “Do The Right Thing” core value, CoverMyMeds signed The Columbus Commitment: Achieving Pay Equity — an initiative to encourage companies to understand workplace equity issues and seek to remove all barriers to equal pay. Separately, CoverMyMeds routinely conducts pay assessments so compensation is competitive, free from bias and appropriate for the role and experience.

CMM: The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for all of us. As a working parent, how have you balanced personal and professional obligations and what’s your advice to women?

VK: My kids are both in college, so my husband and I have had an easier time working from home than other parents. But I’ve seen the challenges our team members face as they juggle kids, pets, parents, roommates and significant others. The COVID-19 pandemic has blurred the lines between work and home which, while difficult, has allowed us to get to know each other on a deeper level — a tremendous benefit. My advice to everyone is to practice self-care. Women especially grow up believing they have to do better and be better. We often balance full-time jobs at work and at home. If we aren’t at our best personally, we won’t be at our best for our work families or our home families.

At CoverMyMeds, we truly believe our people are what make this company great. We honor our female leaders as we once again celebrate the recognition as a great workplace for women.

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