Do the right thing

We behave always with ethics, integrity and honesty.

Jackie FuentesAccount Coordinator

do the
right thing

Behave with ethics

We treat people like adults and always behave with ethics.

When presented with a decision that is more gray than black and white, we use our best judgment, get help when needed and ask ourselves what best contributes to the needs of patients and our customers.

Dave HumestonData Warehouse Developer

Raymond WeaverAccount Coordinator

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Integrity Matters

We treat customers, patients and employees with the respect they deserve.

Sometimes doing the right thing means taking a short-term hit. But by consistently demonstrating that our customers and employees are more important than anything else, we believe they will return the favor if we ever have a short-term problem.

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Work perks

It's about more than work. It's about your life.


  • Passion for what we do

    Our mission to help patients drives our work each day, and we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

  • Growth opportunities

    We offer continuing education, leadership training and mentorship programs that help you find and commit to your passion.


  • Flexible scheduling

    We want you to achieve a true work/life balance. We realize work is just one facet of your life.

  • Paid maternity and paternity leave

    We want to make it easier to support your growing family.

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