Results matter

We care intensely about the achievement of our numbers, milestones and product excellence.

Adeeti JindalAccount Manager


Focus on our goals

No strategy, process, organization, or person is sacred if we're not getting the job done.

Reliability and peerless security are the most fundamental results we must always achieve. We manage risks continuously and do whatever it takes to avoid problems. Customers love that we are different, but only when we deliver. We earn the right to challenge the status quo by accomplishing what we say we will.

Cori HickmanAccount Coordinator

Alex BerkProject Manager

Ben CampbellData Scientist

We make a

Play your part

We’re all working toward the same goal, and each of us impacts our mission.

We do not trick ourselves by setting easy goals just so that we can achieve them. Exceptional results are needed to provide career growth for our employees, profits to invest in our mission and competitive distance that provides us with lasting success.

Schlaine HutchinsDirector of Information Security
We've got you covered

Work perks

It's about more than work. It's about your life.


  • Passion for what we do

    Our mission to help patients drives our work each day, and we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

  • Growth opportunities

    We offer continuing education, leadership training and mentorship programs that help you find and commit to your passion.


  • Flexible scheduling

    We want you to achieve a true work/life balance. We realize work is just one facet of your life.

  • Paid maternity and paternity leave

    We want to make it easier to support your growing family.

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