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The view inside a conference room on campus.

Campus Update: Why We’re Investing in Unique Employee Experiences

By Anna Sommers2021-04-06

In this campus update, learn about the milestones we’ve recently achieved and discover why we’re investing in special spaces for our employees.

It’s been a busy month for the team working on the CoverMyMeds campus. We’ve achieved many major project milestones. All this hard work puts us several steps closer to move-in this summer!

We’ve now reached substantial completion on our first building. All nuts and bolts are tightened, and our amazing construction crew has handed over the keys. Our logo is also now installed on the West side of our first building, a visual sign we’re officially the newest proud residents of the Franklinton community.

A photo of the exterior of campus with the CoverMyMeds sign visible.

Photo credit: Megan Leigh Barnard

Now the fun begins as we put the finishing touches on a blank canvas, from furniture and fixtures to the equipment and tools our teams will need to do their best work. Desks, couches, tables and chairs are going in alongside power strips and television screens.

This is my favorite part of the project because each day puts us light years ahead of the last. Everything comes together at almost the same time and the building transforms from a construction zone to occupiable space that will soon be our office.

Right now, we’re painting walls, hanging artwork and overseeing the completion of branded areas that’ll make this place is distinctly ours. We’re also creating several incredible theme rooms that made me say, “Whoa, how cool!” the first time I saw the plans.

A small group from our environments team is building out these rooms. I was able to get a preview of a few of their ideas and the purpose they’ll serve for our staff. Let’s start with extraordinary meeting rooms.

Sneak peek at special spaces

Our employees will be able to decompress and relax in what we’re calling the Zen tea room. With pillows instead of chairs and floor seating just like an authentic tearoom, this space will allow teams to collaborate and brainstorm in a non-traditional way. The goal is to break out of the standard environment and spark creative energy while remaining in the office and still be supported with common meeting room tech, including power plugs and presenting screens.

With walls that look like a bamboo forest, the space will have a calm, serene vibe. When not in use for meetings, the space can serve other purposes, too. For example, employees can practice mindfulness, meditation and even yoga. It’s part of our intentional effort to accommodate various moods, personal preferences and interests of our staff.

A collage of photos used for inspiration for the theme rooms on campus.

Sources of inspiration for a few of the theme rooms planned for campus.

Another special space is hidden. Behind a refrigerator door is a meeting space we’re calling the speakeasy. Yep, very similar in aesthetics to trendy pop-up lounges and bars while also paying homage to places with storied pasts — think underground club meets casino. This area is more of a breakout space with several smaller tables scattered about. It’s also perfect for an afternoon brainstorm, to read a book from our collection or host a workgroup for a game of cards.

Equally as awesome is a room we’re calling high-fidelity. With vintage furniture and quirky, colorful accessories, this retro-hip environment will provide our staff with another one-of-a-kind collaborative workspace. Similar to a cozy, intimate corner of a local record store, this space will house our vinyl collection and record player. It’ll also be home to various game systems — a nod to a popular perk from the early days of our company.

Why we’re doing it

We’re trying to surprise and delight with these theme rooms and offer our staff a fun, unique way to work. What’s great is they’ll function like a normal conference room, while transporting attendees into an enchanting experience where they can be more focused, productive and innovative.

We’re choosing to invest in extraordinary campus features to help our team overcome blockers, hold successful brainstorms and power through to-do lists. My teammate Mike Bukach, senior manager of employee engagement, explained it beautifully:

“We’re creating an element of play with these tucked-away spaces,” Bukach said. “It’s important to provide mindfulness experiences for employees to psychologically disconnect. Taking a brief moment while stuck on a project helps relieve stress and encourages a clear, refreshed mind when ready to plug back in.”

It’s important to provide mindfulness experiences for employees to psychologically disconnect. Taking a brief moment while stuck on a project helps relieve stress and encourages a clear, refreshed mind when ready to plug back in.

Mike Bukachsenior manager of employee engagement

At CoverMyMeds, we believe in a competitive advantage through people. That means our employees are our strongest asset and help make our business successful. This winning formula is why we’re investing in a healthy and sustainable destination workplace where our employees have everything they need to achieve remarkable things and grow their careers.

Our new campus is where we'll fulfill our mission to help patients, grow with our community and be the best place to work for our employees. Ultimately, this allows us to hire, develop and retain the best talent, which in turn fuels our business and investment in the community.

Explore our Franklinton campus and learn how we’re supporting our neighbors by visiting our interactive website.

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