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Why Parents Love Working at CoverMyMeds

By Veronica Knuth2020-12-02

For any parent, juggling personal and professional responsibilities can be a challenge. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, our professional roles during work hours grow to include our parental roles of caregiver and educator, among others.

Despite sometimes competing priorities, working from home has been a major benefit for Zach Knisley. The first-time father and strategic data partner at CoverMyMeds hasn’t missed a single milestone of his daughter, Elizabeth Joy. First rollover, first crawl, first steps, first words — Zach witnessed them all.

“You really can’t put a price on those moments,” Zach shared. “To give those back to an employee is just the best benefit you could give somebody in my opinion.”

Zach isn’t alone. His story is one that many other parents have shared with me these past few months, and truthfully, even before the pandemic began. Kristy Manley, an account coordinator on our network services team, joined CoverMyMeds just as COVID-19 shutdowns expanded across the country. As a new mom still nursing her son, Griffin, Kristy expressed concern about how she’d fit a feeding routine into her on-boarding schedule. The response she received surprised her.

“I reached out immediately with my concerns and I’ll never forget the response I received,” Kristy said. “Instead of skipping right to business, my team took the time to congratulate me and share in my excitement of having a new baby. From there, they made sure I knew I would have the flexibility in my schedule to take care of my parental needs for as long as I needed. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it was.”

The stories shared by Zach and Kristy aren’t the exception — they’re the norm at CoverMyMeds. That’s why I’m so proud to share that Great Place to Work® recognized our company as one of the 2020 Best Workplaces for Parents™. It’s the second consecutive year we’ve earned this distinction.

Great Place to Work determined this year’s list by gathering feedback from those who know our company best — our employees. In total, responses from 4.8-million employees from companies across more than 20 industries were analyzed — the largest annual study of working parents to date.

Employees shared their workplace experience on more than 75 metrics of company culture, including levels of trust, pride, management effectiveness, innovation, diversity and equity. The evaluation also included parents’ scores of trust and fairness as well as each company’s parental leave, adoption, flexible schedule, childcare and healthcare benefits.

CoverMyMeds is proud to offer all employees a variety of individualized benefits and perks. For our working parents, that includes parental leave, medical benefits and flexible scheduling.

We know these benefits are important, particularly as our employees build their families. As our family grows with the children of our employees, we hear the flexibility and support we offer in our day-to-day work is what many of the parents on our team value the most.

“I love how I can be a dad and CoverMyMeds trusts me to align my priorities and my schedule,” Zach said. “They know I’m going to take care of all of my work because I can relax knowing I’m able to be a parent. That flexibility is the most important aspect — being able to work a little more the night before or the day after. The benefits of shifting my schedule trickle over to my whole family.”

Recognized for Flexibility

I’m also proud to share that Glassdoor recently recognized CoverMyMeds for the flexibility offered to our employees, especially during these challenging times.

At CoverMyMeds, we think about flexible work on a spectrum and creatively solve for unique employee needs. We recently rolled out a “Flex for Your Day” framework that enables flexible work arrangements for employees who may need it. For some, this may include job sharing, shift flexibility, a compressed work week or other options.

We’re committed to supporting our people with the tools and resources they need to be their best selves — professionally and personally. Communication and open dialogue are a critical part of that. We encourage employees to take time in weekly meetings with their direct manager to share what support or resources are needed — whether that’s for productivity or a better balance between personal and professional responsibilities.

Kristy said this helps her feel supported in her parenting journey.

“Griffin is a huge mama’s boy,” she said. “If I’m in the room, he wants to be attached to me constantly and will get upset if he cannot get to me. If I need to see my son or go hold him, I can absolutely take the time to do so. My team takes time to ask how everything is going. CoverMyMeds’ top concern is always my well-being. This motivates me to be the best teammate I can while at work, but also the best mom I can because of that extra support.”

We’re honored to receive these accolades and are thrilled to celebrate the many ways our employees continue to share open and honest feedback that rates CoverMyMeds as their best place to work and grow.

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