Meet Your Neighbor: CoverMyMeds' Talent Management Team
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Meet Your Neighbor: Introducing CoverMyMeds’ Talent Management Team

By Briagenn Adams2022-06-22
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What do engagement, talent acquisition and human resources have in common? They’re all part of our Talent Management team! In this “Meet Your Neighbor” blog, we chat with an employee from each department to learn how they collaborate to make CoverMyMeds the best place to work and grow — plus, we get a peek into the favorite part of their jobs.

Employees are the heart and soul of any company, and CoverMyMeds is no exception. That’s why our Talent Management team is determined to make sure our people have everything they need to succeed.

The CoverMyMeds Talent Management team is divided among three key departments: Engagement, Talent Acquisition and Human Resources. To get a better understanding of how the departments work together to help CoverMyMeds be the best place to work and grow, we sat down with five remarkable leaders for a chat:

- Rahel Admasu — employee engagement lead, engagement team

- Kate Bauer — senior manager, community engagement, engagement team

- Natalie Payne — senior recruiter, talent acquisition team

- Amanda Bailey — senior director, CoverMyMeds HR Strategy & Governance, human resources team

- Raymond Weaver — senior diversity analyst, human resources team

Read on to explore how each Talent Management department helps our employees be their best selves, and in turn contributes to our overall mission of helping people get the medicine they need to live healthier lives.

The happier our employees are, the better they’ll be at their jobs — leading to an even bigger impact on our mission.

Natalie Paynesenior recruiter at CoverMyMeds

Where do you work in Talent Management and what’s your role?

Rahel: I’m on the engagement team within Talent Management — specifically, employee engagement. We’re a seven-person squad focused on maximizing employee engagement and job satisfaction at CoverMyMeds. We serve nearly 6,000 employees based in Columbus, Atlanta, Louisville, Scottsdale and other remote locations.

Kate: I’m also on the engagement team, and I manage our community engagement initiatives alongside Maddie Wilming, our community engagement lead. As CoverMyMeds’ senior manager of community engagement, I help create, direct and maintain our company’s philanthropic focus.

Natalie: I work in talent acquisition, helping to proactively source qualified candidates through healthcare conferences, career fairs, inbound applications — you name it. There are currently 24 employees in the talent acquisition department — we’re the largest within Talent Management — and I’m a senior recruiter.

Amanda: I’m a senior director in our human resources department, which works with the company and its people leaders to bring our business strategy to life through our people. We connect employees to managers and help facilitate their development at CoverMyMeds, and sometimes we leverage our McKesson partners to ensure every employee receives the same level of support.

Raymond: I also work in our human resources department, on a small-but-mighty employee experience business unit. As CoverMyMeds’ senior diversity analyst, I focus primarily on employee experience as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace and beyond. Right now, I’m a one-man show, but I also have an intern to help expand our reach.

About the Talent Management team

How many?

55 employees divided among three key departments, plus internal communications

What do they do?

Help CoverMyMeds be the best place to work and grow for employees


Largely based in Columbus, Ohio, with remote workers in other locations


The happier our employees are, the better they’ll be at their jobs — leading to an even bigger impact on our mission

What does a typical day look like for you?

Rahel: As an employee engagement lead, my job is responsive to employee needs — and that can look very different day-to-day. One project I recently worked on was CoverMyMixer, an internal career fair for employees to explore over 20 booths and chat with coworkers and learn about different roles. Over 400 people attended! I also help organize annual events like CoverMyQuest and CoverMyOlympics, plus I help compile and catalogue feedback from employee opinion surveys.

Kate: My days always look different. Some days, I identify community organizations for CoverMyMeds to collaborate with or meet with our existing nonprofit partners. Other days, I review grant proposals or create programming for a volunteer event. And, of course, I answer a lot of emails! Since unifying as one team a year ago, I also work with our McKesson counterparts to ensure we provide a cohesive community engagement experience to our employees, no matter where they work.

Natalie: Typically, most of my days involve phone screens, video interviews, recruiting top talent and collaborating with hiring managers. It’s my job to make sure our applicants have an amazing candidate experience with CoverMyMeds — we want them to feel comfortable from the first conversation. Since we’re so mission-driven, it’s always good to talk to folks who align with our company goals.

Amanda: My typical nine-to-five is typical in that it’s never the same. I start every day with a plan, but if an employee needs something, that need will trump other items on my to-do list. Basically though, I help with anything HR-related. This morning, for example, I attended a meeting about organizational design — it’s my job to meet with individual leaders to ensure they’re properly communicating with their employees, so everyone has a consistent experience.

Raymond: My role is unique in that I’m a team of one, supporting nearly 6,000 employees across six states. Day-to-day, I focus on ways to improve our company’s employee opinion survey scores through DEI initiatives, and I also partner with Kate to make sure we identify and support our community partners through an inclusive lens. Beyond that, I manage our employee resource groups (ERGs) in Columbus, and I work with talent acquisition to expand opportunities for race- and gender-diverse job candidates.

CoverMyOlympics 2021

Rahel Admasu helps plan fun events like CoverMyOlympics — a day of friendly competition in which employees participate in games like rock, paper, scissors and office chair soccer.

I’m constantly keeping track of [our employees’] changing wants and needs, and I help equip our company’s people leaders to act on those insights.

Rahel Admasuemployee engagement lead at CoverMyMeds

What’s your favorite thing about working on the Talent Management team?

Rahel: I love advocating for what’s important to our employees — it’s something I don’t take lightly. I’m constantly keeping track of their changing wants and needs, and I help equip our company’s people leaders to act on those insights.

Kate: We have a ton of fun, but it’s intentional fun. The work we do is designed to help CoverMyMeds be a best place to work and grow for our employees — that’s at the core of everything we do. When we come together to brainstorm ideas for employee and community engagement activities and initiatives, we never start with “no” — I think that’s a huge key to our success.

Natalie: We have a really, really good time. My coworkers are always willing to help, and I learn something new from them every day. The Great Resignation impacted nearly every industry — healthcare included — but we support and encourage each other through every challenge, and we always celebrate our wins.

Amanda: We have such awesome employees. I know that’s a cheesy answer, but we really do. I have over 20 years of experience working at different companies in different industries, and our people are just so collaborative and grateful to be here. People even say to me, “I don’t want to bother you, but I have a question,” and it’s literally never a bother — it’s my job to help. Any day I get to work with an employee is a good day.

Raymond: Every day looks different, and I work with exceptionally passionate people. Talking with them, connecting with them, working with them to build a culture of inclusion — it’s personal. The work I do impacts the company, but it also impacts me daily. Even when I’m preparing for a meeting, I have a genuine smile on my face; my job is truly my purpose.

If you could switch jobs with anybody at CoverMyMeds for a day, who would it be?

Rahel: Probably Sara Santo, our director of culinary operations. She absolutely kills it in the kitchen, so it’d be hard to live up to those standards — but I’m willing to try! The entire CoverMyMeds culinary team is so creative with the food they make our Columbus-based employees. I just love them.

Kate: That’s tough — I’m torn between Ross Righter, our cybersecurity manager, or somebody on the culinary team. I used to work in a restaurant, and I love the calm of kitchen prep — chopping vegetables and all that. Our manager of culinary operations, Shey Jin, also plans some amazing theme days, like our recent ’90s throwback party with Bosco Sticks, Bagel Bites and Uncrustables.

Natalie: I’m going to say Kate Bauer. Kate’s job is so incredibly important, since we have such a big impact on the communities we serve. Her role also aligns with mine since we’re both public-facing culture ambassadors of CoverMyMeds. Otherwise, I’d love to switch jobs with an account coordinator for a day to get into the weeds of what CoverMyMeds does, helping people get the medicine they need.

Amanda: This is a weird answer since I’m not technically savvy, but I’d love to code for a day. I have no idea who I’d pick, but I’d love to shadow a software engineer and just watch them work — what they do is so cool to me. Otherwise, I’d love to be an account coordinator. They have a huge impact on patients, and they really drive our mission forward.

Raymond: Without a doubt, Gabe Michael Kenney, our creative projects lead. Gabe works on CoverMyMeds’ environments team, helping to bring to life our Columbus campus’s beautiful, creative, West Coast vibe. I’m a self-taught oil painter in my free time, and I’d love to do what Gabe does — creating a physical space that inspires people to be their best selves.

Our people are CoverMyMeds’ heart and soul — bringing in top talent helps us to achieve our goals. Truly, our next best idea could be from our next new hire.

Natalie Paynesenior recruiter at CoverMyMeds

How does the Talent Management team help advance our company’s mission?

Rahel: The Talent Management team recognizes employees as people first. By creating spaces for employees to be their best selves — and providing them with the tools they need to grow and develop — we enable them to do their jobs well. Of course, we also like to have some fun.

Kate: We’re a shared value organization, and we work with internal and external partners to achieve business initiatives — whether that’s working with recruiting to diversify our pipeline or partnering with Equitas Health to get people medications on a free or sliding scale. It’s part of our culture to give back, and it’s also a huge reason why people work here.

Natalie: Our people are CoverMyMeds’ heart and soul — bringing in top talent helps us achieve our goals. Truly, our next best idea could be from our next new hire, which is why our Talent Acquisition team is key to growing our business. If you’ve ever thought about applying to CoverMyMeds, stop thinking and do it. You don’t need a specific skillset for many of our entry-level positions; come as you are, and we’ll teach you what you need to know.

Amanda: Our mission is to help people get the medicine they need to live healthier lives, and we can only do that if we have smart and talented people who are motivated to do their best work. The Talent Management team helps employees see a long-term career here by providing them with growth and development opportunities, and by ensuring they feel supported along the way.

Raymond: It’s our goal to help employees do their best work, and the only way that can happen is if they feel a sense of belonging and community at our company. It’s part of my job to create that experience for our employees. From a business perspective, DEI also helps drive revenue, advance retention and allow creativity of thought to thrive.

Want to work at CoverMyMeds? Our Talent Management team can help. Browse our open positions today.

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