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CoverMyMeds employees brainstorming ideas for Innovation Days
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CoverMyMeds Celebrates Innovation; Grants Employees Time to Create

By Lachandra Baker2019-01-14

CoverMyMeds prioritizes innovation as our foundation to success. The desire to solve problems, automate processes and push the limits of technology is top of mind for all our employees and that is what led us to an annual innovation days initiative. Health care and health care IT are rapidly changing and we must evolve and rise to the challenge or get left behind.

As humans, we strive to continuously find better solutions to problems. All we need is the time and opportunity to bring those solutions to light. If we aren’t continuously improving, we are falling behind. And in a world where health is everything, that’s pretty scary.

Josh ApplebaumLead Scrum Master, Payer

During innovation days, employees have the chance to flex their creative muscles and truly make a difference, with diverse projects designed to address business challenges or culture improvements.

Innovation is still at the core of CoverMyMeds’ identity. And while that doesn’t always mean it’s easy, it means it’s important to understand our heritage as we move into the future.

Chris LongDirector of Engineering, Payer

The leadership team at CoverMyMeds 100 percent supports this initiative and the time commitment successful innovation requires – recognizing that taking time to deliberately innovate improves overall employee satisfaction and engagement.

Watch the video and see how CoverMyMeds facilitates individual creativity and innovation.

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