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A 'Thank You' to Healthcare Workers Selflessly Helping Patients

By Veronica Knuth2020-04-27

People come to work at CoverMyMeds to make a difference. They’re passionate about our mission of helping patients get the medications they need, and that passion is reflected in their work each day. Here, we'd like to thank healthcare heroes who pursue their own purpose of saving lives every day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily changed where we work and how we connect with our colleagues and partners, but we’re unwavering in our commitment to our mission — it drives everything we do.

As we work from home — nearly all of CoverMyMeds’ employees are working remotely in an effort to help stop the virus’ spread — we’re amazed by the resilience of the healthcare community on the frontlines. While we’re all doing our part to flatten the curve, this heroic group has sacrificed so much to selflessly care for patients in their time of need.

We’re incredibly inspired by the grit and dedication of the providers, nurses, hospital staff, front-office workers and pharmacists who are serving as a source of hope for patients and family members during this frightening time.

To show our gratitude, CoverMyMeds employees have written words of thanks for the healthcare heroes who, every day, pursue their purpose of saving lives.

For always being there for patients, no matter the crisis, thank you.

Our words of thanks

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