A Day in the Life: VP of Patient Services Kim Avery

By Jenny Rogers2020-07-01
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Our people are what make CoverMyMeds such a remarkable place, and each of us plays a critical role in our mission to help patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives.

For this edition of “A Day in the Life,” we spoke with Kim Avery, who joined CoverMyMeds this spring after 20 years in telecommunications.

In three months, Kim Avery has transitioned from senior director of Patient Services to the organization’s new VP — all while working from home. The tech industry vet shared why the CoverMyMeds culture resonates with her, how she manages to fit in studying for her doctorate degree — 15 hours a week to prep for her dissertation — and what excites her most when she looks toward the future.

CoverMyMeds (CMM): Congratulations on your new role!

Kim Avery (KA): Thank you! It’s been a fantastic week. You know, I am just still so impressed with the people here — with the caliber, the competence and the commitment. And to now have these expanded responsibilities, it’s an honor to lead and serve here!

CMM: What was your path to CoverMyMeds?

KA: I spent 20 years at Verizon, working in three major business areas: business markets, consumer markets and media technology.

CMM: What inspired you to work there for two decades?

KA: Innovation and constant change; we used to say, “Change energizes us.” When I started there, cell phones, data mobility services, connectivity, it was all on the rise, all emerging technology. As the technology evolved and changed, I felt like I was working at different companies. Working there complimented my “learner” attribute. I’ve already seen that speed of change here, too.

CMM: What were your responsibilities as senior director of Patients Services?

KA: I’m responsible for our HubExpress team — I serve the people who serve patients. I really dig into the patient experience, fiscal planning, stakeholder alignment, operational inputs and outputs, and future growth strategies to make certain our team is well positioned to effectively and efficiently help patients when they need us most. So far, I’ve been focused on getting to know people, getting to understand what they enjoy about their roles and unpacking opportunities for innovation in the department.

CMM: You really dove right in!

KA: I am taking the time to listen to the people and learn about the business: training, meeting with the ACs, spending a lot of time with leaders to really understand the impressive history of our business and what has happened over the last few years as we’ve grown. My goal now is to focus on how to leverage the strength of our past successes and the possibilities of the future, to best position us for even more growth and innovation.

CMM: And how will your role change now?

KA: As VP, I have somewhat similar responsibilities, just magnified, scaled and accelerated. Now, it includes shaping and fostering the leadership vision of the Patient Services organization, all of which is fueled by our people and the powerful resilience of our mission. My partnership with other areas of the business is even stronger and elevated, too, in terms of the long-term strategy and securing future growth. My role now is more visionary and strategic, while serving and supporting the team to accomplish amazing things!

CMM: Were you surprised to have this new opportunity so quickly?

KA: A lot of the conversation from day one focused on “where do you go from here.” Coming in, I knew this was a place where I wanted to continue to grow — it’s another reason I came here from the telecom technology space. It’s the best of both worlds, because I know telecom tech … but I get to keep learning.

CMM: What’s been a highlight so far?

KA: The people! Really, it’s been the people I’ve met and who have supported me since day one. The dedication to the mission is remarkable, and there’s such an alignment across the organization, such a strong commitment to helping patients. When I meet with the pod leaders and the account coordinators and ask them what brought them to CoverMyMeds, it’s clear that there’s no comparison to how we treat people here and how we treat our clients.

As a lover of people, I must say, it’s been a bit tough, because it’s all been virtual. But I’ve been trying to forge my path and introduce myself to as many people as I can. It’s been fun even virtually.

CMM: What about the CoverMyMeds culture spoke to you?

KA: I had my interview at our office in Columbus — that’s the last time I was there! — and I fell in love. I immediately felt the connection and the way everyone supported one another. There’s this common spirit of hard work and fun. Everyone is committed to delivering on the mission, and if we can get this passionate about our mission, we can get passionate about anything that aligns to that mission.

Also, the level of “Be yourself” was real and hit home for me. I am a person who celebrates and appreciates differences and, when that was acknowledged and encouraged, I knew I was amongst family.

CMM: How does your work align to our mission?

KA: It’s all about service delivery excellence, innovation, efficiencies and, most importantly smiles! Our availability to our clients means patients get on the medication they need to live healthy lives, and our ACs and teammates feel great and supported in their role for making it happen.

CMM: What are your passions outside of work?

KA: I really love to travel — my favorite place is Hawaii. I love to learn about different cultures and meet different people and try different food.

Also, I’m a leadership coach and I really enjoy developing people. I’ve had great mentors in my life and throughout my career, and it’s been so exciting to become a coach for others. It’s a passion of mine to see people grow and glow.

CMM: In the next year, what are you most excited about? What are your top priorities?

KA: First, continue to elevate the culture and do my part in contributing to this place being a best place to work and grow for all our employees. Second, grow and expand our service so more may benefit from our top-notch offerings. And of course, have fun while doing it.

Next year, I’ll also finish up my doctoral degree in organizational development. I’m studying at Northeastern University, and this has been such a worthwhile experience of growth and learning.

CMM: What from your studies will you apply here at CoverMyMeds?

KA: System thinking — how everything we do as a Patient Services team interacts with all the other business units within the company. It’s a shift in thinking and executing in a way that considers how my work impacts and influences the entire organization, and anticipates what’s on the horizon. It’s a shared experience between everyone. It’s not about slowing things down, but thinking about the connections we can make to move even faster and have a greater impact on our mission. I love the speed at which we move and the way we get things done here.

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