A Day in the Life: Meet Software Developer Anne Catherwood

By Jenny Rogers2020-05-19
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Each of us at CoverMyMeds plays a critical role in our mission to help patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives. Software developer Anne Catherwood, who joined us in 2019 and is currently wrapping up the final year of her bachelor’s degree at the University of Cincinnati — you’ve got this, Anne! — shares why she joined CoverMyMeds, what she loves most about our culture and how her work impacts our mission.

CoverMyMeds (CMM): What was your journey to CoverMyMeds?

Anne Catherwood (AC): Prior to joining CoverMyMeds, I worked for a small business, where I was one of a two-person IT staff. It was my first position in the field. I worked mostly as an IT generalist and, while I learned a lot with that company, I knew it was time to further my career as a software developer. My hope was to find a position with mentorship and opportunity for growth. I made the move to CoverMyMeds because I felt it was the perfect fit, and I believed — and still do — that it would be a game-changer for my career.

CMM: Have you ever worked for a company so focused on growth?

AC: I have never worked for a growth company before! My previous position was the typical “first job in IT,” and I knew that moving to a larger, more established company would bring more opportunity, but I had no idea of all that CoverMyMeds has to offer.

CMM: Can you describe your role? What’s a typical day for you?

AC: Many people are surprised to hear that, as a software developer, I spend a lot of my day on Slack calls. I work on a highly collaborative squad; we are constantly pair programming. We brainstorm, plan, solution and implement as a unit. I am also involved in meetings surrounding planning, processes and prioritization. And, as part of the Live Coding Interview team, I also conduct interviews for new hires. (Note: For most roles at CoverMyMeds, the interview process includes a few steps. For software developers, the process includes a phone call with a member of our Talent Management team, a live coding interview during which applicants showcase their coding abilities and their problem-solving skills, and, finally a code day.)

CMM: What’s your take on our company culture?

AC: I think it’s incredible; I’ve never worked at a company that values their employees the way CMM does. I do think our culture needs to be experienced to be understood. When I came to CoverMyMeds’ 2 Miranova Pl. office for my interview last June, I looked out a window on the 11th floor and thought to myself, “This is it. This is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” And I still think believe that. Everyone’s voice matters here, and I don’t give that praise lightly. I’ve never encountered a company at which every single employee embodied the core values until now.

CMM: Why is this your best place to work and grow?

AC: We’re treated so well, from our company-covered health insurance to the delicious lunches, coffee and snacks and the remote self-care packages. CoverMyMeds works hard to ensure employees feel valued. Yet, while these perks are lovely, it’s the everyday actions of all CoverMyMeds employees, from our president to our new hires, that make this my best place to work. Each of us embodies our core values — in everything we do. And, my manager truly cares about my success at CoverMyMeds — I don’t feel supervised as much as I feel supported. But above all, it’s my team and how passionately we all feel about the work that we do.

CMM: Our mission is to help patients get the medications they need to live healthy lives. How does your work impact this mission?

AC: My team just finished the large project of enhancing the CoverMyMeds specialty dashboard. This dashboard enables providers to electronically start enrollment forms as well as a variety of other self-serve options. The completion of this project sparked an amazing sense of pride and accomplishment.

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