A Day in the Life: Meet Pod Lead Jordan Vidra

By Jenny Rogers2020-04-07
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When it comes to our mission — helping patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives — our account coordinators and specialists are CoverMyMeds’ frontline, assisting healthcare providers and their staff with pressing medication access and adherence challenges.

These customer-facing roles are organized by pod, with each pod led by someone with a great mix of experience and leadership.

Jordan, a pod lead for our HubExpress program, shares why he chose to join CoverMyMeds, what he enjoys most about his role and how his team’s work impacts our mission.

CoverMyMeds (CMM): What was your path to CoverMyMeds?

Jordan Vidra (JV): While in school, I worked for the Ohio State athletic department, and I continued working there after I graduated in 2012, in the facility and operations department, managing events at the stadium. Then, I worked for Homage, managing a couple stores and then as a member of their customer experience team. I was one of three people at the headquarters helping customers via chat, email and calls. Though I really enjoyed that role, I wanted an opportunity for more growth, so I left in the fall of 2017 and joined CoverMyMeds. I had heard great things from several people working here.

I started as an account coordinator and took on opportunities, like training new hires. I began my role as a pod lead about a year ago, and now I’m managing a team of 10.

CMM: What are the responsibilities of a Pod Lead?

JV: These roles were designed so that each pod team has someone who can give them the attention they deserve. In addition to managing my team, I also support our HubExpress product, ensuring I’m engaged and still directly helping providers and pharmacists and, in turn, patients. In total, we have 31 pods, and our pod’s name is Queue Chainz.

CMM: So, what’s an average week look like?

JV: At the start of the week, I update team metrics, including how many times we’ve helped patients, and review the upcoming week’s goals with the team. Throughout the week, I have one-on-one meetings with each member of the pod, answer questions and help support the team. We have a full team meeting every other week for major updates and, on occasion, stand-up meetings to chat through workflow updates, industry updates or just something fun.

CMM: What makes CoverMyMeds your “best place to work?”

JV: Our benefits are great, and I’m really appreciative of all of our perks, including our lunches. But for me, it’s first and foremost my team and the having the autonomy and flexibility to do my best work. I believe in people, and in treating everyone as a human first. I think that creates a better dynamic for my team and for me as a team member. CoverMyMeds is light years beyond what I’ve experienced in the past.

Also, I’m really passionate about Pelotonia and cancer research; I’ve never had the backing from a company to be involved like I am at CoverMyMeds, and now I’m part of the Pelotonia leadership committee!

CMM: Which of our core values do you relate to most?

JV: All five core values are great, and they’re instilled in us from day one. For me, though, I relate most to “Be Yourself.” I know that’s a big one for our community, because we have such a diverse community. Being able to be heard while also being your true self, in every regard, is pretty remarkable.

CMM: How does your work impact our mission?

JV: We hear a lot of success stories: A PA request goes through but there’s an error, our team troubleshoots, the issue gets fixed, the PA is completed, and the patient gets their medications. We’re the educators, the troubleshooters and the experts in contact with our partners, all of us with one goal: get the patient the meds they need.

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