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“A Day in the Life” of the CoverMyMeds PAC Team

By Jessica Behrendsen2016-06-29
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Two former CoverMyMeds teams — the health care data coordinators (HDCs) and clinical content developers (CCDs), merged recently to form the prior authorization content (PAC) team, charged with maintaining our entire library (nearly 17,000) of prior authorization (PA) forms. We sat down for a quick chat with PAC team managers, Ben Way and Brent Rutkowski, to get the scoop on what a day in the life of their new team looks like and the awesome things they’re accomplishing.

CoverMyMeds: Thank you both so much for doing this! There’s some great work being done on the 10th floor and I think the formation of the new PAC team is a direct result of that.

Ben Way: Thank you! Happy to help!

Brent Rutkowski: Thanks! Always a pleasure!

CoverMyMeds: Can you tell us a bit about what the PAC team does and why the work is so important?

BW: The PAC team is responsible for building and maintaining our entire library of forms. This entails working with contracted and non-contracted plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to ensure we have their correct clinical criteria, drug set information and pharmacy claims data to ensure our users receive the appropriate PA for their request. The work our team does is crucial to our business because we bring the entire process of searching for and submitting PA forms into the 21st century.

BR: I take great pride in the work completed by this team. I believe the contributions made by the PAC team are incredibly important; we provide the link between the user and the health plan.

CoverMyMeds: Ben, you used to manage the HDC half of the group and now they’ve merged with Brent’s side, the CCDs, to form this giant PAC team. How has the HDC position changed?

BW: The former HDCs were primarily focused on the non-contracted plan forms, where the CCDs were the same but for the contracted plan forms. We figured: Both teams are focused on our PA forms, why not just form one team?

The most notable change from the former HDC position is that they now primarily use Criteria Builder as their main platform when creating criteria, drug sets and mapping forms. Additionally, the position has added a client-facing aspect to the mix. Our new role works directly with our contracted plan clients, along with our plan/PBM account management and project management team

CoverMyMeds: The PAC team has awesome employee retention. Why do you think this is?

BR: Most of the credit there goes to Ben and our manager of clinical content, Tricia Yacovone. They’ve done an excellent job of hiring folks that not only enjoy the work, but work incredibly well together.

CoverMyMeds: The PAC team is truly unique in that it brings in all different types of personalities and skill-sets, and they all succeed in doing the job well.

BW: We pride ourselves on our ability to hire the right people — smart, creative and an eagerness to learn — but most importantly how they mesh with our current staff. It’s important to us that we involve our entire team in all the decision-making. Everyone needs to be in the loop because at the end of the day, team chemistry is what matters most. We make sure each individual not only thoroughly enjoys their day-to-day work, but also enjoys the company of each team member that surrounds them.

BR: Everyone on the team is always willing to help each other out and go the extra mile. It’s definitely a special group!

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